Get a gaming chair for your home office setup

With many more people working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic many people are investing in better home office setups. It was OK working from home for a few weeks on your kitchen table and chair but inevitably this will lead to pain in your shoulder, back and even your elbows if you are sitting crouched over for the day.

By getting a proper home office setup you are not only investing in your comfort but also in your own health. While there are many nice office chairs available there is another more trendy option and that is the gaming chair. Believe it or not these are actually more affordable than most office chairs and they look the part!

Traditionally it was hard core gamers who wanted these gaming chairs but as more people found out about them people of all ages began buying them. They are super comfortable and they look the part.

Sandberg Commander Gaming Chair Blk/Red (640-81)

Usually a good office chair with lumbar support will cost you upwards of €250.00 for even the most basic of chairs. Gaming chairs can be gotten from €165.00 upwards according to the website Housetech who seem to be a main supplier of these chairs in Ireland.

To go along with your gaming chair it is important you get a good desk that is at the correct height. If you are sitting for hours at a day at your computer it is imperative that you have a good chair with lumbar support and that your computer screen is high enough so that it is eye level. If not you will get issues with your posture by looking down all day at your screen. This will lead to issues later in life and it will cost you a lot more money than the initial few hundred euro investment as well as a lot of pain.