Get the most important dates now on the Church app for Refurbished iPhone

For those of you who are hi-tech and with the times we thought you might be interested in this. For anyone who has an iPhone 7, 7 plus or iPhone 8 or 8 plus you can download this new app for keeping track of the Church calendar. For those of you who don’t have an iPhone you can always get one for cheaper than face value and go for one of the refurbished iPhone available online. If you are not sure where to get one of these just go to the refurbished iPhone Ireland website and go for at least an iPhone 7 so you can run this app.

refurbished iphone app

There are a lot of dates throughout the calendar year that are deemed important. Apart from the obvious ones of Christmas and Easter there is of course lent as well as Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and then there are many holy days throughout the year. It can be really difficult to remember all the days so now there is an app which you can get for your iPhone called the Church app.

Not only can you get reminders for all the important days throughout the year but you can also listen to Sermons and various talks through the iPhone app. Also available is of course the Bible and you can even download it and read off line if you are on a flight or whatever the case may be. Here is a list of some of the features for those of you who are interested.

Download your favorite sermons for offline listening

  • Read the bible on and offline
  • Get reminders sent to your phone about various Holy days
  • Share bible passages with other users
  • Donate to missionaries around the world

Now you really have no excuses to miss mass on Holy days :). Please share this with anyone who you think would be interested as we think it is a great idea.