How Covid-19 is affecting every day life and the Church

With another month of lock down on the Horizon for Ireland people are having to adapt in the long term to this new way of life. With gyms, bars, barbers, beauticians and every other non essential business closed it is really going to put strain on the economy. Not only are people anxious about what is ahead in terms of the economy but main peoples mental health is also at risk.

Mass Online:

Not only are non essential businesses closed but this weekend if Easter Sunday and the churches are closed all around the country. Practising catholics will be forced to watch Mass online if they want to celebrate the holiday here on their local Diocese website. For Dublin parishioners that is here.

How, and why, to watch Mass online during coronavirus

How To Stay Healthy:

It is important to get out of the house each day even if it is just for a local walk. Staying in and watching the news does no one any good and can further lead to anxiety. You can even go one step further and get some exerecise bands or dumbbells to do some strength training which will make you feel good and help your mental health. Dublin website are offering free shipping on various home gym equipment so you can get a few bits from there which will keep you active.

Start a new hobby:

You can also start a new hobby such as playing guitar or doing an online course. Now is a great time as if you don’t do it now when will you!? Take advantage of the extra time you may have and use it to better yourself. You can view some cool online courses at Udemy and they have a huge range.

Use this time to be positive and get the most out of it rather than focusing on the negatives and remember this lock down is only for a small period :).